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The easiest way to compare schedules with friends.

HangTime is a web app built to help students and student orgs compare schedules easily.

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Can’t remember your friends’ schedules?

We can’t either. That’s why we built HangTime.

How It Works:

Input Your Classes

HangTime lets you easily input your schedule to compare with friends. We save your schedule so you won't have to enter it again.

Design Your Schedule

Want to show your friends your schedule? Or save it on your phone? Use HangTime's Designer feature to create a beautiful class schedule in minutes.

Find Your Friends

HangTime connects with your Facebook account to let you find your Facebook friends easily. Add them on HangTime and see their schedules anytime.

Compare Schedules Easily

HangTime lets you easily compare schedules with your many groups of friends. Check who's busy or free at any timeslot.

That's not all - we've got more features in store for you.

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